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We believe big ideas shouldn’t be limited to the size of your screen & creating impactful ad experiences is at the core of what we do

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  1. Gallery

    An interactive showcase of multiple images that consumers can scroll through using a device’s touchscreen

  2. Social Integrations

    Mobile is social. Social is mobile. Encourage consumers to share, post or like your message.

  3. Gamification

    Creating a game around your message increases time spent with your brand & keeps consumers engaged

  4. Photoshoot

    Leverage native mobile camera functionality & enable consumers to snap a photo within an ad unit for the ultimate customized experience


Client Stories

Discover mobile advertising best practices & examples of innovative, impactful rich media from today's biggest brands

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Client Story


Fall for Unilever Singapore Dove Hair Rescue

Unilever Singapore called on its agency Mindshare Singapore and Millennial Media, now a part of AOL, to promote its Dove Hair Contest on Tumblr. This first ever Tumblr integration that Millennial Media ran in the APAC market proved a valuable success.

Client Story


Share a Cookie Core with Unilever Singapore Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry's
During the hot summer in Singapore, Ben & Jerry’s launched its new Cookie Core flavors: The Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core and Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core. Millennial Media, now a part of AOL, helped Unilever Singapore and its agency Mindshare Singapore carry out their Ben & Jerry’s #CookieCoreWith campaign.

Client Story


Feeding America + Starcom Launch Spoontember™ on Mobile

Feeding America
September marked the official start of Hunger Action Month™. To help engage the public and raise awareness for the 1 in 7 Americans struggling with hunger, Feeding America® launched Spoontember™ – a buzzy social media campaign that challenged supporters to use their smartphones to create and share their ultimate “Spoon Selfies” – all month long.

Client Story


Unilever Singapore Magnum Infinity Swirls to Success

Unilever Magnum Infinity
Unilever Singapore and its agency Mindshare Singapore chose Millennial Media to promote the launch of the new Unilever Magnum ice cream. Encouraging users to purchase the product and follow the Magnum Instagram page proved a success through custom Rich Media.

Client Story


Gillette Accelerates Brand Awareness with Innovative Rich Media Campaign

Leverage Gillette’s partnership with the Williams F1 racing team to engage consumers and associate the brand with technology.

Client Story


NTUC FairPrice Xtra Chooses Mobile For 7th Anniversary Contest

NTUC FairPrice Xtra
In celebration of its 7th Anniversary, NTUC FairPrice Xtra Supermarket was looking to encourage local families to participate in the Trolley Dash; a 3-week contest designed to drive customers in-stores and online.

Client Story


Emirates Airline Takes Mobile Strategy To New Heights

Increased traveler demand meant Emirates Airline needed to add more daily flights to its NYC to Dubai route.

Client Story


OtterBox Wins with MySymmetry Promotion

OtterBox and its agency Maxus Singapore chose Millennial Media to promote the release of new MySymmetry smartphone cases in Singapore.

Client Story


SITO Mobile & State Lottery Win Big with Deal ID from Millennial Media

SITO Mobile
SITO Mobile partnered with Millennial Media on a campaign for the State Lottery.

Client Story


Campbell’s Swanson Brand Measures ROI on Mobile

Campbell’s Swanson
Campbell’s Swanson brand was looking to drive in-store sales by inspiring foodies across the nation to bring its products to life at the holiday dinner table.

Client Story


Ad Council + Carat Support Bullying Prevention With Mobile

Ad Council
In support of one of the most pressing issues facing children and young adults today, media agency Carat partnered with the Ad Council to help raise awareness around its national Bullying Prevention campaign.

Client Story


Philips gets up close and personal with mobile brand awareness campaign for Shaver series 9000

Recognising an increasingly mobile target audience, Philips Italy engaged Havas Media and Millennial Media to create a mobile campaign for its Shaver series 9000

Rich Media in Action

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