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It's about more than just views. It’s about the viewer. Turn interactions into actions with hands-on mobile viewing experiences.

Introducing Video Lightbox

Native Video
Innovative native video leverages mobile functionality such as swipe, touch, sound, and the video player.


Companion Banner 
Companion banner increases Share of Voice (SOV) and provides the opportunity for additional messaging.


Full-Screen Video Expand 
Video expands upon touch and is optimized to play depending on device orientation.


New Premium Video Inventory 
This new ad format, made available with the mmSDK, creates premium video inventory from publishers not traditionally offering mobile video.

Higher Quality. Better Experience.

  1. Lightning Fast

    No load times ensure high-quality playback & increased engagement

  2. HD Quality

    HD video quality allows for enhanced consumer experiences across mobile screens

  3. Innovative Formats

    Interstitial & pre-roll ad formats with an in-house creative studio to customize

  4. Premium Inventory

    Access to premium inventory with pinpointed audience targeting at scale

Video Plus™ Pre-Roll

Video Before Content

Video ad unit that plays within the flow of the content, predominately prior to video



Video Plus™

Video with Rich Media

Full-screen video player with interactive, animated buttons & layered rich media elements, including rich media end cards

Video Plus™ Wrapper

Rich Media with Video

Full-screen interstitial with a video player embedded in a customizable rich media backdrop

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Demo: Video Wrapper

See how American Greetings brought our Video Wrapper to life

From Viewing to Doing

Video delivers results throughout each step of the purchase cycle. But don't just take our word for it, see how top brands are winning with video.