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Nexage Delivering Significant Growth and eCPM Value for Location-Enabled Impressions

Publishers are Realizing a 3.8x eCPM Premium for Location-Enabled Impressions on the Nexage Revenue Platform

BOSTON – November 2, 2011 – Nexage, the leading provider of market liquidity in mobile advertising, today announced that the Nexage Revenue Platform, the market’s only fully integrated real-time bidding (RTB) and mediation platform, is delivering a 3.8x eCPM premium for publishers providing location-enabled impressions for the last 3 months. Demand for location-enabled impressions also grew rapidly, showing a 170% per month growth in that same time period.

The eCPM premium and volume growth underscore the value advertisers place on location-enabled impressions to support their local and hyperlocal campaigns. For example, a recent survey reported that 53% of mobile consumers between 18-34 use location-based services to find store locations. This non-linear buying behavior, where mobile ads can trigger in-store purchases from nearby locations, is a central and powerful method for marketers to reach and compel consumers. 

Publishers like the social gamification platform Beintoo and its network of apps partners (such as Fruit Ninja free on Android) demonstrate the value of supporting location-enabled impressions on the Nexage Revenue Platform, and specifically over RTB. On its apps partners, Beintoo realized an 11x eCPM premium for location-enabled impressions as compared to non-location-enabled impressions. To capitalize on this dramatic eCPM premium, Beintoo has increased the ads requested on the Nexage Revenue Platform by 95% per month over the last 3 months.  

“Nexage delivers an extremely powerful engine to monetize apps like Fruit Ninja, while presenting highly relevant local ads to the game’s customers,” said Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO of Beintoo. “Working with a market leader like Nexage gives us the opportunity to drive the revenue performance for our apps partners, enabling them to provide free versions of their games to customers, which also has the great effect of driving more and more downloads.”

“Mobile is a unique and powerful advertising medium, especially in the context of local and hyperlocal advertising campaigns,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage.  “The success of market leaders like Beintoo shows the extraordinary value in combining location-enabled impressions with our platform that maximizes the available demand and enables impression-level buying.”

About Nexage

Nexage is the only premium mobile exchange that creates high-value, brand-safe liquidity for advertisers and publishers. The Nexage Exchange provides a range of programmatic markets to enable buyers and publishers to accelerate their businesses how they want to buy and sell including public exchange, private exchange, and programmatic guaranteed markets—and supports an ever-increasing volume of rich media and video ad units. Nexage Connect delivers integrated 1st and 3rd party data, including behavioral, contextual, enriched location, universal identifier, and privacy data to enhance targeting and retargeting. Nexage Protect delivers a suite of brand safety controls to advertisers and publishers. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and London. Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.

Case Study

airG airG

airG saw the opportunity to add a significant revenue stream to its extensive mobile inventory with mobile advertising. However, the challenges associated with monetizing billions of monthly page impressions—multiple ad networks with distinct reporting interfaces, reconciliations, and integration specs — were daunting.


airG engaged Nexage Exchange to streamline its mobile advertising business. With Nexage Exchange, airG gains access to 150+ global ad sources, one-click ad screening to ensure brand integrity and protection, and a single reporting dashboard with in-depth reports on revenue, eCPM, fill rate, and click rate. In addition, airG receives consolidated payments and the expertise of our experienced publisher services team.