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Increase revenue with the most advanced technology platform in mobile advertising.

You’ll leverage the power of the largest and most efficient buyer marketplace in mobile to reduce the cost and complexity of a highly customized mobile ad business while maximizing demand for your inventory. 

Sophisticated business controls – including dynamic price floors and brand safety tools combined with real-time reporting and expert account management allow you to tailor a mobile ad business that will increase revenue and enabled you to run your business how you want.

You should demand more from mobile advertising. 
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Case Study
Challenge: successfully built a loyal following of millions of soccer fans around the world. However, they hadn’t built a strong network of ad sources to monetize their global mobile traffic, which presents unique challenges for effective monetization.

Solution: selected Nexage to monetize its international mobile traffic and has achieved both an increase in revenue and operational efficiency. With the Nexage Exchange, benefits from features including 150+ global ad sources, a single reporting dashboard, and consolidated payments. takes advantage of Nexage’s relationships with ad sources based around the world.