Revenue Levers & Business Controls

Nexage applies a set of revenue levers and business controls to enable publishers and developers to accelerate their business—and run their business how they want. Revenue levers and business controls are cohesively applied across RTB and Mediation, and are fully available on the Nexage Private Exchange.

  • Dynamic price floors: Publishers are able to set different price floors on RTB and Mediation (and the Nexage Private Exchange, for that matter) to protect price and optimize revenue performance.
  • Integrated yield optimization: Publishers can sell and optimize on both RTB and Mediation through a cohesive system where impressions are made available to buyers on RTB first, and, if not filled, they cascade to Mediation to be made available to buyers on mediation. Publishers are able to set different price floors and controls on RTB and Mediation to optimize their business.
  • Brand safety (ad screening and block lists): Nexage provides two levels of brand safety—block lists and one-click ad screening—to ensure publishers not only protect their brand from inappropriate and unwanted ads, but also guide brand alignment to fit with their overall brand and sponsorship strategy.
  • Real-time reporting: Publishers have real-time access to a rich reporting environment that enables them to see, drill-down and analyze business performance such as ads served, fill rate, eCPM, CTR and revenue performance across the Nexage Exchange.
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