Nexage Ad Server

The Nexage Ad Server provides publishers and app developers with a rich-featured, flexible mobile ad server that enables you to create, execute and control direct-sold and house ad campaigns. The Nexage Ad Server is fully integrated into the Nexage Exchange to maximize liquidity, simplify operations, and provide a single, rich reporting environment for campaign and revenue management.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Support for both mobile web and apps
  • Sponsorship campaigns
  • Direct-sold campaigns with publisher-defined pacing
  • House campaigns to drive customer acquisition and promote the sale of virtual goods
  • Targeting on mobile-specific parameters, including country, carrier, OS and device
  • Frequency capping
  • Support for all standard mobile ad sizes, including rich media ads
  • Integrated revenue and campaign reporting (with Nexage Exchange) to simplify operations
  • Integrated with Nexage Exchange to accelerate revenue (across 200+ demand sources)

Because the Nexage Ad Server is integrated into the Nexage Exchange, we enable publishers and developers to tap into over 200 demand sources, monetize their impressions and optimize yield across channels to maximize revenue. Whether you are using the ad server to cross-promote titles to acquire customers, promote virtual goods to drive revenue or support your direct sales efforts, the Nexage Ad Server gives you real and sustainable strategic advantage to achieve your business goals.