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Mobile advertising is a unique and extraordinary medium to enable advertisers to reach and compel mobile consumers who think of their device and mobile experience as intrinsic to their being.

Through Nexage Exchange, we help buyers, advertisers and agencies capitalize on this opportunity by giving you efficient access to highly targetable audience. Nexage:

  • Helps you plan campaigns: Nexage presents an audience dashboard and inventory targeting data on a bi-weekly basis to enable you to plan and execute campaigns.
  • Delivers highly targetable audience: Nexage gives you access to some of the most compelling brands in the market and the ability to target based on first-party demographic, location, device ID and psychographic data.
  • Helps drive customer acquisition: Nexage enables application developers to buy and track installs.
  • Supports local and hyperlocal campaigns: Nexage passes a range of location data tied to impressions, including lat/long and zip code, so that you can add the “right location” to the “right message, right time, right audience” plan.
  • Deliver rich media ads to increase consumer engagement: Nexage supports ORMMA-, MRAID- and VAST-compliant rich media ads so that you can present your brand using the most compelling creative to drive consumer engagement and action.

You should demand more from mobile advertising.
With Nexage, you can achieve more.

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