Mission & Vision

Mobile is a unique and extraordinary medium. It enables publishers and developers to create content and deliver experiences and engagement that is like no other medium before it, and mobile allows advertisers to reach and influence consumers who think of their device and mobile experience as intrinsic to their being. This remarkable medium is also creating an economic opportunity for every market participant: publisher, developer, DSP, ad network, agency and advertiser alike.

Our mission is to convert that market opportunity to real results for our customers, both buyers and sellers. To us, that means bringing the best technology to market, creating the most efficient and liquid market, and delivering to the highest quality—with the utmost professionalism—every day.

Our mission fits into our vision of mobile advertising, a rapidly maturing industry that is closing the gap between the extraordinary opportunity and real capability.

As mobile advertising evolves, RTB will become the strategic foundation, bringing superior efficiency, liquidity and value to buyers and sellers alike. The Nexage Exchange, fueled by RTB, delivers the most advanced and complete technology in the industry. And this value creates direct and sustainable advantage for our customers as:

  • Technology performance and reliability is inseparable from our customers’ business performance
  • Market liquidity is the life-blood of our customers’ success
  • Levers and controls create the underlying confidence and capability to increase business investment
  • And the delivery of high-value targetable audience ensures that advertising spend is truly productive.

Our tagline reads: Demand More. We should all demand more of this market: more liquidity, more audience and more results. 

As the leading exchange in mobile advertising, we are delivering on those raised expectations.

Demand more from mobile advertising.
Achieve more with Nexage.