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Jim Butler | 03.13.14 | 10:01 am

As the undeniable rise of programmatic advertising reminds us, digital advertising is a tech-driven market where the strength of technology determines success. With RTB as a building block, we’re seeing private exchanges, direct deals, and programmatic direct functionality mature to meet the needs of all participants in the ecosystem. As a thought leader in mobile and programmatic advertising, we’ve always felt that our role includes building standards and technology to enable other members of our industry.

It started when we developed the technology that formed OpenRTB Mobile 1.0, which serves as the foundation of programmatic in digital advertising. And it continues with the release of our Nexage SourceKits for rich media and video.

Nexage SourceKits for Rich Media and Video

The rapid adoption of rich media and video ad units is changing the landscape of mobile advertising. At the same time, it is enhancing the economic value of a publisher’s inventory as well as the customer experience.  And today, expanding and managing rich media and video ad formats (for iOS and Android) is one of the key items in most publisher monetization strategies. Our rich media (MRAID) and video (VAST) SourceKits provide technology tools to support those strategies, enabling publishers to:

  • Accelerate the economic benefit of more valuable rich media and video ad units
  • Enhance their customers’ experience through more engaging ad formats
  • Reduce ad tech cost and complexity
  • Maintain full control of their code and integration environments
  • Avoid proprietary design paths that, downstream, can create unnecessary inefficiencies or dead-ends
  • Receive the best of both worlds: fully engineered product quality and the full transparency and flexibility of source code licensed under BSD-3

Celtra-Rich-Mediav3Similar to OpenRTB, we are working with the IAB to make these kits available, tying into key efforts the IAB is leading to accelerate the adoption of rich media and video ad formats.

“Nexage’s open source efforts will help further drive the adoption of IAB’s MRAID and VAST specifications, which are critical to encourage brand spend in mobile and to enrich consumers’ experience and engagement with ads,”  said Joe Laszlo, Senior Director of the IAB. “The open source approach enables publishers to capitalize on these industry standards in their mobile applications, helping accelerate the value of mobile advertising.”

More info below on where to download our rich media and video SourceKits.

OpenRTB Anniversary and the Latest

Last month was the third anniversary of the OpenRTB Mobile 1.0 specification, ratified and announced in February 2011. This landmark accomplishment was the first RTB specification resulting from industry collaboration, later expanding to include both mobile and display in version 2.0 and video in the current 2.1. OpenRTB has been adopted by the IAB and hundreds of exchanges and buyers, shattering barriers and contributing substantially to the rise of programmatic advertising. We and all of Nexage are proud to have been among the leaders of OpenRTB since its Mobile 1.0 days through to present.

OpenRTB 2.2 is nearly ready to submit to the IAB at which point it will enter its public comment period leading to a probable 2Q2014 release. When the details of the 2.2 version are locked down, we will update our OpenRTB Validator to support it and publish a 2.2 version of our Technical Reference.

Nexage Technical Resources

In coordination with the above efforts, Nexage is launching a Tech Resources section of our website. This section will provide useful information and utilities directed at the technology practitioners in our space.  The initial content currently available includes:

  • OpenRTB 2.1 Technical Reference: Presents the OpenRTB 2.1 specification in a concise technical format that includes the protocol, object definitions, data types, list values, and other details for implementers.
  • OpenRTB Validator: An easy-to-use utility that performs specification compliance checks on bid request and response payloads for OpenRTB Versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1. Great during integrations or version upgrades.
  • Nexage SourceKits: A link to our MRAID and VAST SourceKits as hosted on GitHub.
MRAID SourceKit

MRAID or “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” is a specification governed by the IAB. Its objective is to define a common API for enabling and facilitating the broad adoption of rich media ad units in mobile applications. Specification details can be found at MRAID.

This SourceKit is a full implementation of MRAID supporting both MRAID-1 and MRAID-2. The following links are to the GitHub repositories of the MRAID SourceKits.

VAST SourceKit

VAST or “Video Ad Serving Template” is a specification governed by the IAB. Its object is to define a universal XML schema for serving video ads to digital video players. VAST XML documents include details about the video content, the expected player behavior, and tracking features. Specification details can be found at VAST.

This SourceKit is an implementation of VAST 2.0 including support for VAST 2.0 Wrapper features. The following links are to the GitHub repositories of the VAST SourceKits.

Over time, other content will be added to our new Tech Resources section both related to and expanding beyond OpenRTB. We hope you will find this section useful, and we invite your feedback and suggestions via


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