OpenRTB 2.1 is live!

Kevin McGowan | 02.21.13 | 8:15 am

Building a new marketplace is great work, but it requires more than just building your own technology and innovating to achieve sustainable differentiation in your products. In an emerging space, you must also drive market-wide building blocks. This often comes in the form of standards and common business practices to mature and accelerate the pace of the market as a whole so that each company’s resources are focused on building innovative features instead of trying to differentiate on things like protocols.

As such, today we’re happy to announce our support for the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.1 specification.

Nexage has a technical—and admittedly emotional—link to the OpenRTB standard. We were the authors of the OpenRTB 1.0 Mobile spec, as we were committed to moving mobile advertising from a loosely constructed market to a market that can build upon strong standards. After OpenRTB 1.0 Mobile, the IAB took ownership of the OpenRTB spec, and we were one of the key architects of OpenRTB 2.0, which advances the capability across mobile, display, and video. The OpenRTB spec certainly serves as an important building block to further accelerate and mature mobile advertising.

Through OpenRTB 2.1, we will now support:

  • VAST video over RTB: With their ability to better engage consumers, rich media and video grew 5x in 2012, and produced 5x and 10x eCPMs, respectively.  VAST video over RTB enables DSPs and other RTB buyers to further accelerate the growth of video in mobile.
  • IAB Tier-2 category support: IAB Tier-2 category support enables advertisers to gain more granular insights as to the specific nature of the publisher site, so that they are able to positively associate their brand where it makes sense, and in the same way, avoid negative affiliation.
  • Location source: Local and hyperlocal campaigns are a major and unique mobile advertising capability. But location comes in different forms and values, including lat/long values. For example, lat/long can classically be GPS derived (how we would expect it to be rendered). It can also be centroid where lat/long is derived from a zip code value and provides the absolute center of the respective zip code area. Buyers need controls to know which is which, so their understanding of value is matched with the reality of value.
  • Clear identification of tablet inventory: As tablets continue to be a sought-after method to engage and compel consumers, we’re making it easier for buyers to identify and target tablet impressions.

Nexage will continue to fully support OpenRTB 1.0, as with 85 bidders integrated into our RTB Exchange, we want to ensure we are providing differentiated audience to our buyers and maximizing demand for our premium publishers.

Programmatic markets, and more specifically RTB, are taking the lion’s share of attention as the best technical method to buy and sell advertising. Various forecasts predict the growth rate for mobile RTB—all of them pointing to rapid growth. We expect mobile RTB to grow from 11% share of spend in 2011 to 28% share of spend in 2015. This hyper-growth is supported by performance on the Nexage Exchange, where RTB grew more than 10x in 2012. Ultimately, the goal of OpenRTB 2.1 and subsequent releases is to support the high preference premium publishers and buyers have for RTB as the technical foundation that can fully support their needs.

If you are a buyer currently integrated into the Nexage Exchange, please contact your Demand Services Manager or to learn more.

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