Deeper Dive: Nexage Connect

Mark Connon | 12.13.12 | 12:03 pm

About a month ago we announced the launch of Nexage Connect. With that launch, Nexage became the first mobile advertising exchange to offer third-party data, privacy, and brand safety solutions to publishers, app developers and programmatic buyers via an RTB exchange. This is clearly another milestone for us here at Nexage, and a continuation of our strategy to position the Nexage Exchange as a core enabler of the mobile advertising ecosystem. Aside from further “first to mobile” accolades, the real value being created is for our many exchange partners.

So what’s the big deal? Largely due to the absence of third-party cookies, targeting audience is hard in mobile. Retargeting is hard in mobile. Accessing data around impressions is hard in mobile, managing privacy preference is hard in mobile, and the list goes on.  Yet the advertising spend that will take mobile from the fastest growing to the largest segment of the digital ad spend requires that we solve these problems.  At Nexage, we set out to address these challenges and concluded that if we can make it easier for buyers, sellers and data providers to work together (by serving as a technology enabler at the exchange level), everyone wins. The market grows, and the pace of market maturation accelerates. And the result is Nexage Connect.

Fundamental to the success of Nexage Connect is our dependency on great companies creating important solutions that meet the demands of the market. Our launch partners represent just that. TRUSTe has been working tirelessly on mobile privacy solutions—notice, opt-out, preference management, etc.  PlaceIQ has created a unique and innovative privacy-safe location targeting solution. The Media Trust and Proximic are bringing their long proven solutions from the display space to mobile via Nexage Connect. We will be adding new partners to grow the ecosystem of solutions that help our customers drive their business.

So how about some specifics – what are we doing to make it easier for all involved?

  • We’re using our extensible APIs to integrate solutions with the Nexage Exchange
  • As a buyer on the RTB, you get premium audience, enriched targeting data, contextualization, brand safety assurances, privacy-safe sources of inventory – at scale to support all manner of campaigns.
  • As a publisher, you get liquidity, increased demand for your data-enriched impressions, and the realization that your unsold inventory can be sold as premium through the Nexage Exchange.
  • As a Nexage Connect Partner, you get distribution through a single integration point with the resulting scale and efficiency

Using a specific example of enhancing data with PlaceIQ’s solution:

  • RTB buyers select to see PlaceIQ segments
  • Nexage appends PlaceIQ’s Place Intelligence segments to RTB bid requests, which enables buyers to discover and target on those segments
  • RTB buyer pays PlaceIQ for the use of the data

At Nexage, we believe that Nexage Connect represents a fundamental enabler of brand spend in mobile, and thus a driver of overall growth of the space. It’s early. But the excitement from our publishers, developers, and buyers is palpable. We’re buoyed by the response and confident that our latest “first in mobile” offering will be a driver of not just our business, but those of all that participate as well.

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