The Nexage Ad Server: Liquidity + Campaign Management

Kevin McGowan | 06.20.12 | 12:22 pm

As we accelerate from a successful Series B raise, we wanted to expand our products and technologies to improve how we serve our customers—and how we build this industry. I am pleased to announce the release of the next generation Nexage Ad Server.

Taking a step back to talk about strategic design, Nexage believes, and I believe, that enduring and impactful technologies in mobile advertising must do the following:

  • Directly enhance efficiency and liquidity
  • Provide as many controls as possible so our customers can decide and design their business the way that they want
  • Make it easy to use, so technology works for the customers
  • Create a fully integrated mobile ad tech stack to simplify and accelerate business.

Today, with the release of Nexage Ad Server, we are able to provide an integrated platform supporting liquidity plus campaign management.

The Nexage Ad Server is a full-featured mobile ad server, supporting:

  • Direct-sold campaigns with publisher-defined pacing
  • House campaigns to drive customer acquisition and promote the sale of virtual goods
  • All mobile creative sizes and types, including rich media, across mobile web and applications
  • Frequency capping
  • Mobile-specific targeting options, such as device, OS, country, and carrier
  • Powerful, integrated reporting to empower publishers and simplify operations
  • Single integration point for direct-sold, house, and exchange ad delivery

With the Nexage Ad Server, the Nexage Exchange allows you to accelerate revenue while providing you the controls needed to manage your entire mobile advertising business the way you want to run it. It also provides you a single comprehensive, fully integrated reporting environment, allowing you to analyze and report on your entire mobile advertising business in one place.

As an app developer or mobile web publisher, you are presented with a lot of options to manage your mobile ad business. Don’t let your business get shoehorned into a rigid hierarchy of rules where “optimization” consists of comparing static, estimated CPC values or manually adjusting priorities in a daisy chain. Let the Nexage Exchange work for you by bringing you the liquidity of over 150 demand sources and giving the flexibility to manage your business the way you want so you can go back to what you do best —building killer mobile sites and apps.

We will keep marching on to build the most efficient, liquid, vibrant exchange in the market—and the Nexage Ad Server is another step in that direction.

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